Corporate Fitness – Boutique gyms are making a big impact in business

Small gyms are making it big. Fitness junkies and gym regulars, as well as exercise newbies, are seeking out boutique options — with local owners, group classes, specialized instruction and a community vibe.

In Cypress, a few industry professionals are offering their clients an alternative to the big, franchise gyms of the past.

“People are tired of the big gym,” Val Scarborough, co-owner of Gym Cypress, said. “We’re really trying to create a gym that’s different. We want it to be small, intimate. Everyone can get to know each other. It’s like family.”

Deborah Bracken, owner of Some Like It Hot Yoga and Fitness, is also all about creating a family at her gym.

“Boutique yoga and boutique gyms, I can see why people are drawn to them,” she said. “It’s nice to be known when you walk in the door, and it’s nice to make friends and go for coffee after a class. I see that happen all the time.”