Corporate Safety – Wearable Device Stops False Claim

Triax’s Spot-r safety system is a mobile technology that almost immediately improved safety and profit on KBE Building Corp.’s projects.

“In the 60 days since we implemented Spot-r, we have already stopped three conditions where employees were jumping up and down heights more than 19 in., and they were immediately corrected,” says Adam Peters, corporate safety director at KBE Building Corp.(KBE).

“It’s very difficult to measure the successes of a safety program in construction,” Peters continues. “At KBE, safety starts at the top with our owner; owner buy-in is critical for the success of a safety department. Educating your people, giving them the authority to implement your program, and putting in place all the controls you can to eliminate risk is the next step toward success. This is how you establish a companywide culture of employees that believe in your safety program and know the importance of safety at the jobsites.