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Wellfit is a national leader in corporate wellness that is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses thrive by offering tailored resources, tools, and incentives that educate, empower, and support participants in adopting habits and attitudes that contribute to their health and quality of life.

Human Driven Programming

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Our complete and compliant wellness programming empowers participants to care for their health by providing the motivation, education, tools, and support needed to be successful. We provide a variety of participation-based programs, health-standard-based programs, and hybrid programs with industry-leading features.


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Our easy-to-integrate platform delivers a consistent real-time data feed between clinicians, health coaches, screeners, and participants. Our technology provides consistent reporting of lab results outside reference ranges and flags clinically significant changes in lab values within the normal range.

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Technology-Supported Programs

The WellFit Approach



Having an attitude of gratitude is an important and effective form of self-care and is proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, boost immunity and strengthen social bonds. Complete 30 daily journaling prompts that challenge you to look for the good and express gratitude for the people, places, and circumstances in your life.

Providing an onsite fitness facility for your employees to de-stress, improve their health, and have fun will help boost their health, morale, and overall job satisfaction. WellFit can help you design the perfect fitness center that meets your needs, budget, and available space. We also provide Worksite Health & Fitness Specialists that will help work with your employees on achieving their health goals, such as reducing aches and pains, achieving a healthy weight, and increasing their energy.

Rethink Finances

Research shows our financial security is less dependent on our income and more related to how we think of money and our subsequent spending behaviors. Invest in your financial wellbeing and gain awareness of your spending and saving habits. Complete 10 weekly financial wellness modules to rethink your finances and lower financial stress.

Daily Fitness

Regular physical activity is important to help build strength, boost metabolism, improve sleep, relieve stress, and prevent disease. Having a daily fitness practice is also a great way to maintain your momentum and stay motivated toward your fitness goals. Complete suggested daily workouts while building in your own rest days. Track for a minimum of 60 days to complete the challenge.

Workplace Wellness Statistics Every Employer Should Know by Dr. Steven Aldana

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